This site documents a process from 2016 to early 2017, and is now retired.

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This site has been established specifically for the Quaker Valley High School visioning process. Thanks for visiting!

Quaker Valley School District is beginning to plan for the future of its high school facilities. However, creating a responsive school environment isn’t rigidly defined by square-footage or construction budgets; more importantly, it’s about making thoughtful connections between learning and facilities. Thus, the development of any strategy for addressing facilities must begin with an understanding of the educational vision - including goals, strategies and projected future needs - that these facilities are intended to support.  In short, instruction should drive construction.

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The general scope of work includes analyzing the teaching and learning philosophy and practices of the Quaker Valley School District (QVSD) and translating this information into an “educational plan” that will guide the design and development of a high school to serve the present and future needs of the QVSD community.

The high school planning effort is, by nature, a collaboration among students, staff, and the wider Quaker Valley community. Together, we will develop a plan that is both thoughtful and actionable, both inspirational and responsible, both respecting the past and looking towards the future. We invite the entire community to help us achieve these goals!  While there are several open-invitation meetings planned, you may also sign-up for additional opportunities  for more in-depth participation.  Stay tuned for more details...

This site exists as a place to share the process, progress, activities and events relating to the visioning, planning and design efforts. Please check back frequently for new information and updates!



This site was created and is being maintained by BrainSpaces, the educational facilities planning consultant engaged by the District. We welcome your input throughout the process.

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