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Why doesn’t the district renovate the current high school?

The current high school facility was constructed in 1924. The rules and regulations from the Department of Education have changed since then and the current footprint of the high school doesn’t allow enough room to meet the regulations, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, elevators, parking, ramps, etc. Expanding the school is not a viable option either, as there is not enough usable land outside of the floodplain.

Unlike the projects completed at Osborne Elementary School, Edgeworth Elementary School, and Middle School, which required expanding the footprint of the building, that is not possible at the current high school site.

Could you add another floor to the current site to increase the footprint of the building?

The soils would require much deeper foundations. A taller building would have some ADA challenges, and increasing the building with another floor would not alleviate the present challenges including parking, traffic congestion, bus drop-off issues, etc. which exist at the current site.

Why not build on the football field?

The current football field sits in a floodplain. Click here to see the map. According to the geotech engineers and civil engineers who examined the current site, building on the football field would require special government issued permits which can take three to four years to have approved with a likelihood of not receiving permission due to the floodplain. In addition to the floodplain, the construction would require the district to manage the storm water runoff (water displaced by a new building) as well, so as not to flood nearby homes and other structures.

Where would a new high school be built?

The Quaker Valley School Board and administration are working to find a piece of land big enough for the required space. The Pennsylvania Department of Education recommends 42 acres. The current high school site sits on 14 acres, not all is useable. Based on the floodplain, only 4.3 acres is usable for a building.

When would a new high school be built?

The timeline for a high school project varies based on land acquisition, financing, permits, construction and more.

How are we going to pay for a new high school?

Communities that invest in youth prosper and the Quaker Valley School District community has a long history of investing in its facilities, including the elementary schools, the middle school, and over the course of many years, the Sewickley Public Library of the Quaker Valley School District. Quality schools support quality education, which in turn impact home values and result in thriving communities. The board and administration of the Quaker Valley School District are sensitive to the potential economic impact a project of this magnitude could have on community stakeholders. The district will remain steadfast in its pursuit of creative and alternative revenue streams and cost savings, including but not limited to, public/private/higher education partnerships, looking to local and other foundations, and various other untapped funding sources. There are many factors that influence the ultimate cost of constructing a school facility. As the planning process unfolds and new information comes to light, the board and administration will be prepared to put forth actual cost estimates. The district has been working for several years in preparation to address the high school facility and continues to analyze the economic impact relative to debt as the district balances all resources needed for district operational needs, including maintenance of all school facilities.

Is the board considering a merger?

From time to time the topic of merging with another school district has arisen in the community and at the state level. At no time, past or present, has a merger been formally recommended or seriously pursued by the district.

How can I share my thoughts?

There are many opportunities for community engagement including:

Drop-In Coffees at Crazy Mocha in Sewickley:

Friday, March 17   7:30-9:30 a.m.

Friday, March 24   7:30-9:30 a.m.

Friday, March 31   7:30-9:30 a.m.

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