The Project

The general scope of the project includes analyzing the teaching and learning philosophy and practices of the Quaker Valley School District (QVSD) and translating this information into an “educational plan” that will guide the design and development of a high school to serve the present and future needs of the QVSD community.

Thriving:  Every Heart, Every Mind, Every Day

Aligning environments with the District’s Vision, Mission and Belief Statements.

21st Century Teaching and Learning

Recognizing advances in research on how people learn and the skills and abilities students need to thrive in an ever changing world.

Accommodating High School Students

Defining environments to support powerful learning experiences for high school students in Quaker Valley.

Supporting Administration and Operations

Defining environments for effective and efficient leadership, operations and maintenance of your high school.

Enhancing School Safety and Security

Defining environments that continue to keep our students safe is of utmost importance at QVSD.


As the work progresses, as the project will continue to be defined with increasing detail… stay tuned!